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All New Yamaha YZF R15 2017

All New Yamaha R15 2017 It has a new body fairing has a new slanted headlamp fueltank design with plastic cover the rider seat is wider and longer and also passenger seat better.
All New Yamaha R15 2017

Headlamps and rear lamp are LEDs.
All New Yamaha R15 2017 Headlamps

Another new feature is inverted telescopic upside down fork with 37 mm diameter.
All New Yamaha R15 2017 Backlamps

The R15 chassis, seems nothing's change Upgrade is only at the front handle bar is now underyoke while the tail looks similar to R1 Really racy, much more lean forward position more safety, like racers you can squeeze the tank harder and then, you can set the footstep positionas you like The R15 engine is now 155 cc with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) but, a bit different compared to Aerox For Aerox, the VVA is activated at 6.
All New Yamaha R15 2017 Facelift

This R15 has 19 horsepower Another upgrades are the tyres rims and tyres are bigger than previous model.
Full digital speedometer is another key feature It says hello to rider when ignition switched on even your name can be written in the left corner Moreover, All New R15 now have a hazzard feature that can be switched on from the right handle bar.
All New Yamaha R15 2017 Speedometer Full Digital

Unfortunately, sign lamp is not LEDs, looks like, they're still conventional light bulbs.
All New Yamaha R15 2017 Hazard Lamp

On the left handle bar, passing lamp feature still present but the switch is merged with low and high beam switch.
All New Yamaha R15 2017 DIM Switch

Now, let's talk about riding position.
All New Yamaha R15 2017 chassis may seems the same as before.
All New Yamaha R15 2017 chassis

But, with upside down fork and underyoke handle bars, Riding position is more leaned forward than the old R15.
Luckily, this position is supported with wide and long seat.
Thus, rider can manage to change seating position either when full leaned forward at high speed, or get upright at traffic.
Moreover, back seat is different, looks like more pleasant for passenger.
All New Yamaha R15 2017 - Backseat

Not like old R15 passenger sits higher. So that passenger bow a lot to get close to rider.
All New Yamaha R15 2017 Testride at Sentul

In fact, Yamaha provided a test ride session at Sentul circuit just after the launch of All New R15 But, too bad.

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